Could the Raiders use Santa Clara's stadium?


Yes. The Term Sheet gives the 49ers exclusive right to sublease to the Raiders. 

  • A 'yes' vote for the 49ers in Measure J was a 'yes' vote for the Raiders too-Santa Clara gave up all decision making authority.  Many Santa Clarans didn't realize this.
  • The 49ers and Raider's owners alone get to decide on whether or not the Raiders come here
  • Santa Clarans don't get to vote on whether or not the Raiders (or any second team) can use our stadium
  • The "49ers Stadium Company will have the right to enter into a sublease with a Second NFL Team... to allow the Second Team to play its home games in the Stadium"  (from the Term Sheet, Section 16.1)


The Raiders won't have to pay for stadium construction costs!

Thus far, Raiders fans won't have to pay for personal seat licenses (Stadium Builders Licenses) like 49ers fans have to!


With the Raiders (or any other second team) here, we'll have:

  • Twice the number of home games (about 20)
  • Twice the number of days with gridlocked traffic and surface streets and freeway impacts
  • Twice the number of days with massive parking problems because the Santa Clara site has very little on-site parking
  • Twice the number of days with cordoned off residential neighborhoods near the stadium
  • Twice the screaming from games
  • Twice the tailgating trash and noise in our neighborhoods (boom boxes) and open grills
  • Twice the number of days when port-a-johns will be needed because of tailgating
  • Twice the number of days with public drinking during tailgating
  • Twice the loss of use of surrounding facilities (Youth Soccer Park, Golf and Tennis Center, Convention Center, Walking/Bike Trail, Great America)

Source: Term Sheet Section 16.1: