What Santa Clarans are saying about the DDA (letters to Mayor and Council, posted on the city's website):


  • "This $925 million debt is not what was voted on 6/8/10."
  • "This stadium is fiscally irresponsible.... A Billion in debt is a game changer."
  • "A debt of 850 million dollars was not told to us voters in the ballot or the ads for Measure J.  In addition, there is no disclosure of ANY amount that the 49ers team or owners will contribute to the stadium construction.  It is very underhanded for the parties involved to change the costs involved by massive amounts and deceive the voters."
  • "Just because Measure J was passed does not give you free reign to build it at any cost.  Quit pandering to Jed York."
  • "Are the facts presented by Santa Clara Plays Fair that the Stadium Authority (and ultimately Santa Clara citizens) will be responsible for the payback of $800+ million really true?  I thought the 49ers were responsible for 88% of the costs to build the stadium ... When we voted to proceed on the stadium it was on the belief that Santa Clara would be responsible for 6 to 8% of the total costs - was this false?  If the above is true then the vote to go ahead with the stadium should be set aside in that the numbers provided by the city and the 49ers in their ads was false."
  • "Voters relied primarily on the information that was provided by the 49ers and the city leaders as a basis for their decision. In retrospect boy were we sold a bill of goods.  The 49ers are leading this process from the very beginning making sure their interests come first."
  • "You would be well served on this council to face this project in a real and non-deceptive manner."
  • "I strongly oppose the $850 million loan to be obtained by the Stadium Authority for construction."
  • "In no way does the current debt risk and commitment resemble what citizens were asked to vote on when the stadium initiative was proposed. How we've gotten from a $42 million commitment to $850 million is inconceivable and requires explanation from you - our city government... As voters we've been misled by you."
  • "I see from the news that the costs for the stadium are far beyond what was disclosed during the election.  It does not surprise me given the amount of money the 49ers spent promoting Measure J *and* to past campaigns of Patty Mahan, Jamie Matthews, and Pat Kolstad.  That was a good investment for the 49ers as it allows them to avoid the $850 million loan that is about to hobble our city's future....It saddens me that the citizens of Santa Clara have been so blatantly misled and will have decades of debt to pay off as a result."
  • "The funding for this stadium project has gotten out of control.  This is not the debt that we anticipated when Measure J was approved by a narrow majority of Santa Clara residents."
  • "It is not right that a few city council members and the mayor are allowed to hide the true costs and not be held accountable."
  • "This 49ers deal with the SA does just not add up and it sure isn't what we thought we voted for."
  • "The Santa Clara city council's latest deal to bring the 49ers stadium to town at any cost is representative of all that is bad in American political leadership today - arrogance, closed meetings, no bid contracts, making enormous changes to what the people voted for.  One thing the people of Santa Clara now know is that they have a city council that will do anything to get their way and that they cannot be trusted."
  • "There are too many hidden large extras in the DDA that we Santa Clara citizens did not vote to agree with.  I now oppose the stadium."
  • "As we learn more about it we are seeing how you small town yokels are being made a fool of by the high paid attorneys and pitchmen."

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Letters from citizens who wrote the City Council are contained in pdf files marked as 'post meeting material' attached to the city council agendas.
Letters submitted for the Dec. 6th meeting start on page 64.   17 messages opposed:


Letters submitted for the Dec. 8th meeting start on page 11.  8 messages opposed: