Timeline 2006-2008 Stadium Gameplan Exposed

Fall 2006 - City Council Election Campaign

"The San Francisco 49ers offered tickets to some Santa Clara City Council members and gave $1,000 to Mayor Patricia Mahan's re-election campaign last month, shortly before the team named the city as the front-runner for a new stadium."  "Mahan said while she accepted the free 49ers-Raiders ticket - and $500 contributions to her mayoral campaign from team owner John York and Chief Financial Officer Larry MacNeil, it won't influence her dealings with the team."  (San Jose Mercury News "49ers Donated to Some Santa Clara Co. Officials" 12/01/2006)


November 6, 2006  The Stealth City Council Election

Mayor Patricia Mahan and Council Member Caserta were re-elected.  Joe Kornder was elected.  Santa Clarans unknowingly elected five pro-stadium council members who would vote together in favor of the stadium, regardless of the costs or consequences to Santa Clara (Mahan, Moore, Kolstad, Caserta, Kornder.)  Santa Clarans refer to this election as the 'stealth' election, because while the stadium was an unspoken issue for the council candidates, the public was not aware of the council candidates' intentions regarding

Within 3 days, the 49ers owners announce their intention to build a stadium in Santa Clara.

Mayor Mahan with 49ers owner John York (right.)


Why were they so interested in Santa Clara?

The SF Sentinel will later publish the answer:

"The owners of the San Francisco 49ers selected Santa Clara over San Francisco because public money was pledged by the City of Santa Clara and no such offer was made by the City of San Francisco, according to a professional source associated with the San Francisco 49ers.

The source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that both John York and his son, Jed York, now team president, made the selection of Santa Clara over San Francisco solely for financial reasons, and not the public reason that they gave regarding parking and transportation access when they announced San Francisco was their second choice for a stadium site."

It was a no-brainer for the York family to accept the Santa Clara offer, which covers nearly half the cost of a new stadium versus the $100 million offer that came from Lennar,” according to the source. “The choice was never about parking and traffic access in San Francisco, it was purely a financial decision by the York family because they would get greater benefit from public money in Santa Clara.”


Spring 2007

At the first City Council meeting to discuss the stadium, it is clear that pro-stadium council members have no intention of allowing Santa Clarans to have the right to vote on the stadium issue. In particular, Council Members Moore and Caserta express their disdain for letting Santa Clarans have any voice in the stadium issue at all.  Were it not for the protests of Santa Clarans, the Council would have decided the stadium issue without public input.

May 1, 2007

Santa Clara City Council convenes its first of more than 100 backroom closed session meetings to negotiate the 49ers stadium contract outside of public view.


Summer 2007

In response to citizen concerns about the stadium, Santa Clara Plays Fair (SCPF) forms. The harassment of anyone who dares to express concerns about the stadium and its public funding begins by an adult male Santa Claran who has been (and continues to be) on the campaign payroll as a consultant to numerous pro-stadium council members.   Despite escalating harassment and ethical concerns, Santa Clara Council members and council candidates continue to employ this adult male cyberbully as a political consultant and will continue to employ him for years to come.


January 16, 2008

Stadium negotiations begin in earnest.

San Jose Mercury News:"Saying an NFL stadium would fulfill the vision of past city leaders despite worries about the fine print, Santa Clara's city council voted 6-1 late Tuesday to enter into negotiations with the San Francisco 49ers to finance a stadium near Great America."

Mayor Patricia Mahan invoked the vision of her deceased father: "If he were here tonight he would tell me to finish what his councils started," Mahan said. "It's not about football; it's not about the 49ers, it's not about being a fan. It's really about the fulfillment of a dream, a vision of past city councils of a future Santa Clara."

Jamie McLeod was the only dissenting vote: "The purpose of using (redevelopment) resources is to reduce blight, not to create it."

The pro-stadium majority on the council continues to ignore any dissenting voices on the stadium issue and any concerns about using public funds for a stadium.


February 12, 2008

The council starts spending taxpayer property tax money from the redevelopment agency (RDA) on consulting contracts for the stadium.  The council will ultimately spend many millions on consulting fees, lawyers, and city staff time for stadium negotiations and studies.


November 2008 - City Council Election

49ers stadium contractor Devcon employees contribute $1000 to former Council Member Pat Jamie Matthews in his run to replace termed out Council Member Pat Kolstad. Kevin Moore runs unopposed. The pro-stadium council majority of five continues (Mahan, Moore, Matthews, Caserta, Kornder.)