Timeline May/June 2010 Stadium Gameplan Exposed

May 5, 2010

Santa Clara's pro-stadium elected officials continue to hide the existence of the Stadium Authority and its debt/loans. Mayor Patricia Mahan and Council Member Jamie Matthews wrote an editorial in the Santa Clara Weekly: "Over 92% of this project is paid for by the NFL, the 49ers, and other stadium revenues."

Note that CA Elections Code Fair Campaign Practices states that campaigns should be: "free from dishonest and unethical practices which tend to prevent the full and free expression of the will of the voters."


Every Wednesday Santa Clarans receive the Santa Clara Weekly, which presents an extremely biased pro-stadium point of view, such as the following quote which was reproduced in a SCEP campaign mailer:

18 months later in Dec. 2011, when the stadium contract is revealed, voters will discover that our Stadium Authority is signed up for an enormous mortgage of $850 Million dollars in loans.


May 2010

Pro-stadium council members/mayor continue to appear in SCEP mailers/ads which are designed to deceive voters into thinking the 49ers/NFL/stadium revenues will be responsible for 92% of the stadium construction costs (>$823 Million). The following misleading information is sent to voters repeatedly:

(Hence, it will come as a great surprise and betrayal of the voters when, in December 2011, the Council reveals that Santa Clara's agency, the Stadium Authority, will take on $850 Million in loans to construct the stadium.  No loans were ever disclosed in Measure J.)


May 2010

A reporter for a major paper tells Santa Clara Plays Fair in regards to the massive deception of Santa Clara voters and the hiding of the stadium construction costs: "You're sitting on a huge investigative story, and no one will write it for you." Why? Because reporters are afraid of losing access to the team.


Santa Clara Plays Fair, supported by Santa Clarans, has the funds to put out only one mailer during the campaign, approximately 1 month before the election.  It's a post card in caution tape colors.  On the back side, the mailer shows voters the Term Sheet stadium construction costs of a $114 Million direct subsidy from Santa Clara plus $330 Million in debt from our Stadium Authority (total of $444 Million), plus the $67 Million loss to our City's General Fund.


May 12, 2010

In response to the mailer sent by Santa Clara Plays Fair, which told the truth about the $444 Million from Santa Clara and the Stadium Authority, the Santa Clara Weekly provides false information to voters: that the $444 million contribution to stadium construction from Santa Clara and its agencies (Redevelopment and Stadium Authority) would be 'paid by the 49ers'.

Mayor Mahan went so far as to create an instructional video to show people how to mark their absentee ballots to vote 'yes' on the stadium: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkAmxW_C2BM

May 11, 2010

Although the election has not yet occurred, the SC City Council approves the 2% hotel tax hike to provide $35 million for stadium construction, and moves forward with spending $20 million of Santa Clarans electric utility funds for the unnecessary relocation of the Tasman Electric Substation to create parking spaces.


May 16, 2010

At a debate at the Muslim Community Association, Mayor Patricia Mahan provides false information to the audience (Youtube). She states that the sweetheart deal on the 49ers training facility rent was in exchange for the 49ers paying hundreds of millions of dollars for the infrastructure leading up to the training facility.  That's not true. The lease required the City of Santa Clara to pay for the infrastructure leading up to the training facility.


May 20, 2010

The hoodwinking of Santa Clara voters continues in the press. In a KTVU Channel 2 report, Lloyd LaCuesta echoed the false pie chart of costs put forth by SCEP and pro-stadium council members by saying: the city of Santa Clara puts up $114 million, "and the 49ers would pay the rest."


May 22-24, 2010

Survey USA conducted a stadium poll of 577 Santa Clarans for KPIX-TV:

56% for

40% against

4%   Undecided


June 8, 2010 Stadium Measure J Election

Yes  14,628   58.2%

No   10,505   41.8%

Total votes 25,133

Voters who didn't vote approximately 22,000.


There are approximately 117,000 people living in Santa Clara.  Less than 10% of our population signed us up for hundreds of millions in debt.

Amount the 49ers spent to win Measure J = almost $5 Million ($350 per yes vote, the most ever spent in the United States on an election.)

In addition, the City of Santa Clara spent $390,000 from RDA property tax dollars on ballot materials for Measure J.

June 2010

SCPF had been kept off the air during the Measure J campaign. Apparently, the SF Mayor had been kept off of the air too.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom on CBS Channel 5 was asked whether he'd been talking to the 49ers about a SF plan for a stadium, Mayor Newsom said, "They're entire focus has been on getting the voters.  They've tried to keep me off some TV and radio shows. Ah, cuz they don't want me to talk about this stadium plan (San Francisco's plan).  So they pulled out all the stops."

With respect to Santa Clara's stadium ballot measure, he said: "I don't think there's ever been a bigger investment, on a per capita voter basis, in the history of this country than the amount of money the 49ers spent to get this passed." "I won't sell my soul for 10 games a year. There's no economic stimulus for 10 games a year….Big stadiums aren't used that often."


June 2010

Santa Clarans for Economic Progress' website morphs into a 49ers ticket sales website.  SCEP files paperwork with the City Clerk to terminate their committee.  Had SCEP really been for 'economic progress' for Santa Clara, rather than just to function as a make believe citizens' group' to get the stadium ballot measure to pass, they would have stayed together as a committee.


Summer 2010

One would think that with Measure J over, that the adult male Santa Claran who harasses anyone opposed to the stadium or to public funding for a stadium would cease his harassment.  But no, the cyberbullying, and harassing phone calls/emails etc. continue unabated. The unfounded complaints filed against people and SCPF continue.   In her fall 2010 run for City Council, Patricia Mahan puts him on her payroll as a campaign consultant.  Why would anyone spend hours a day cyberbullying/harassing Santa Clarans over the stadium issue? It's clearly a form of illness.