Timeline Sept. 2010/Dec. 2011 Stadium Gameplan Exposed

September 2010

SCPF discovers that the Police Chief of the Santa Clara Police Department has been providing free police escorts to/from Candlestick, the Coliseum, and the airport for the 49ers for several years without the knowledge of the taxpayers, city manager, or the approval of the city council.  Ultimately, the city requires the 49ers to reimburse the city for the police escorts, and establishes a policy for payment for the police escorts.


Fall 2010 City Council Campaign

Mahan, Matthews and Kolstad run as a slate. A union political action committee puts out a slate mailer on their behalf, essentially promising that they will vote 'yes' on stadium-related issues:

The 49ers CEO and 49ers contractors continue to donate to help keep our council majority pro-stadium:

  • $1500 contributed by 49ers stadium contractor Devcon employees to Patricia Mahan in her run for city council.
  • $2250 contributed by 49ers CEO Jed York and 49ers stadium contractor Devcon employees to Jamie Matthews in his run for mayor.
  • $2000 contributed by 49ers CEO Jed York and 49ers stadium contractor Devcon employees to Pat Kolstad in his run for city council.
  • $5000 paid for a mailer on behalf of Jamie Matthews, Patricia Mahan, and Pat Kolstad by unions which will benefit from the stadium.

November 2, 2010 City Council Election

Jamie Matthews council seat is vacated when he takes over as mayor. Mayor Patricia Mahan hops to a council seat to start her 17th consecutive year on the council (seat hopping bypasses the 8-year term limits for council and mayor.)  Despite a strong showing (about 46% of the vote) by two non-incumbent council candidates, the pro-stadium council ignores those candidates.  Instead, to fill the vacant seat, pro-stadium council members appoint 49ers stadium campaign spokeswoman/former council member Lisa Gillmor. The pro-stadium majority of 5 continues.  (Mahan, Moore, Matthews, Kolstad, Gillmor)


November 13, 2010

The city has spent $612,068 from the General Fund on city staff salaries for work on the stadium thus far, while voters were promised that there would be 'no cost to our General Fund.'


January 1, 2011

Newly elected Governor Jerry Brown states that he plans to eliminate redevelopment agencies so that property taxes in RDA areas can flow to cities, counties, and schools.  Despite the impending elimination of RDAs, Santa Clara's City Council moves forward with making commitments of RDA monies for the stadium.


February 22, 2011

The City Council passes an SB 211 Amendment to extend the number of years over which the redevelopment agency can siphon off property tax dollars for stadium construction; those dollars would otherwise have flowed to Santa Clara's General Fund.  The SB211 Amendment triggers AB1290 payments - the RDA kickback to the school district is set in motion.

The Council forms the Stadium Authority, the composition of which is identical to the City Council. There is no independent oversight of the Stadium Authority, and no system of checks and balances in place.  The Stadium Authority is formed as a joint powers agency between the city and the RDA, even though the Governor plans to eliminate RDAs.  The City Manager, City Clerk, and City Attorney are the executive manager, secretary, and counsel for the Stadium Authority.


March 21, 2011

To hide money from Governor Jerry Brown, whose goal is to eliminate redevelopment agencies, the Stadium Authority and RDA give the 49ers $4 Million in RDA money for 'safekeeping' despite 53 letters to the council in opposition (and none in favor.)


July 2011

Without a vote of the people to amend Measure J, and because the Governor has proposed eliminating RDAs, the City Council creates a new agency to replace the RDA as part of the joint powers agreement which created the Stadium Authority.


July 12, 2011

The Council grants Joe Montana's Hotel Group an exclusive negotiating agreement regarding property on Tasman Drive across the street from the proposed stadium site.

August 28, 2011

An independent traffic study published on the SF Chronicle shows that:

"A study conducted by a Walnut Creek traffic consultancy contends the 49ers' proposal overestimates available parking, underestimates how many people will drive to the games and exaggerates the proposed stadium's proximity to mass transit"

"Given the lack of progress securing agreements on parking, the Santa Clara site will clearly end up with substantially less parking than was estimated in the (49ers' traffic management plan)," the study reads. "In addition, the plan to use private parking areas will most likely require a substantial number of additional security personnel to manage tailgating and ensure the security of any private properties that are utilized."


November 15, 2011

Without a final stadium contract in place between the City and the 49ers, the City Council approves proceeding with $10 million worth of 'make-ready' pre-construction work for the Stadium site.


December 2011

The RDAs across the state, including Santa Clara's RDA, sue the state of CA to try to prevent Governor Brown's elimination of RDAs from occurring.  The  CA Attorney General's office defends the state's position, and  the CA Supreme Court upholds Governor Brown's legislation, AB 1X 26, which eliminates RDAs.  The CA Supreme Court strikes down AB 1X 27, which would have allowed RDAs to continue to exist in a 'pay to play' scheme.  The outcome is the worst possible outcome for the RDAs, but the best possible outcome for cities, counties, and schools starved of property tax dollars because of RDAs.