SJ Mercury News - Lisa Fernandez - Niner's free rides come to an end, because of SCPF

Channel 7's Karina Rusk reports about the free police escorts Santa Clara has been providing
for the 49ers since 2007 to/from the airport and since 2009 to/from the Coliseum and

Santa Clara - A Bigger Bell, California, by Gil Laroya, Huffington Post, Oct. 6, 2010

Santa Clara City Manager's Salary in the News, San Jose Mercury News, 2010

"Personal Seat Licenses ahead for 49ers fans", KGO, Sept. 5, 2010

"49ers Stadium Plan Again Under Review", San Jose Mercury News, Sept. 5, 2010
The stadium plan goes before the Santa Clara Planning Commission on Wed. Sept. 8th at 7 pm in City Council chambers.

"How our Laws are Really Made", by Karen de Sa, San Jose Mercury News,  July 10, 2010
This article mentions SB43, the legislation written by State Senator Elaine Alquist on behalf of the SF 49ers, which took away Santa  Clarans right to vote on a city charter change.  From the article: "The team spent $73,779 on lobbyists who schmoozed the governor and the Legislature on the bill, according to reports filed with the secretary of state. The bill sailed through both houses, although legislative staffers cautioned of "a bad precedent," noting that 125-year-old "competitive bidding requirements exist to prevent favoritism, corruption and waste of public money."  "

Josh Stevens, California Planning and Development Report,  May 2010
Is Santa Clara Ready for some Football?
SCPF is mentioned and our treasurer Bill Bailey is quoted in the California Planning and Development Report, which also contains some quotes by Stanford's Dr. Roger Noll, including:
"No reasonable person reading the economics research on stadiums could possibly believe that a football stadium is an economic boom to a city."

SCUSD Grand Jury Investigation, San Jose Mercury News,  July 2010

Grand jury: Santa Clara school district mismanaged construction projects, teacher home-loan fund
Here's the Grand Jury report:

SCPF Member Gil Laroya, Huffington Post,  June 11, 2010

Northside Santa Clara resident and frequent Huffington Post blogger Gil Laroya writes about what it's like living on Santa Clara's north side: "Stadiums: Proof that America Values Selfishness over Morals"

San Jose Mercury News, June 9, 2010-this article is now in the archives because it's more than 3 months old.  You may pay to see archived articles, or get a card for the Martin Luther King Jr. library and access the SJ Mercury News database from the library.    See below for the pie chart of correct stadium costs published by the SJ Mercury News.
Correct pie chart of the stadium costs

The day after the election, the San Jose Mercury News published a correct pie chart of the stadium construction costs, showing that Santa Clara and its agencies are responsible for $114 million + $330 million = $444 million.  It's the same $444 million cost breakdown that SCPF has been showing all along. (Note that the SJ Mercury showed this pie chart 1 year ago, the day after the Term Sheet was signed (June 3, 2009). It didn't appear for an entire year during the campaign, but appeared after the election was over.)

Gavin Newsom, interviewed on CBS 5, June 9, 2010 email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

San Francisco Mayor Newsom was interviewed on CBS Channel 5 regarding the Santa Clara vote and San Francisco's Hunter's Point stadium plan: He makes some interesting statements, including: "I don't think there's ever been, a bigger investment on a per capita voter basis, in the history of this country than the amount of money the 49ers spent to get this passed."  "I won't sell my soul for 10 games a year. There's no economic stimulus for 10 games a year. There's no economic stimulus."  "Big stadiums aren't used that often."

When asked whether he'd been talking to the 49ers, Mayor Newsom said, " They're entire focus has been on getting the voters.  They've tried to keep me off some TV and radio shows. Ah, cuz they don't want me to talk about this stadium plan. So they pulled out all the stops."

Ann Killion, in Sports Illustrated, June 4, 2010

49ers future unclear no matter which way stadium vote goes

"Santa Clara has assured voters that if $330 million can't be raised through naming rights and seat licenses the 49ers will pay for the costs or the project will be killed. But, in a cart-before-the-horse scenario, the stadium authority will be created and borrow finances before those rights can be sold. 'The sequence of decisions is incorrect,' said Dr. Roger Noll, Stanford economist.

Nancy Gay, NFL Fanhouse, June 2, 2010

Vote Could push 49ers towards new stadium or out of town

Ms. Gay reports $114 million plus $330 million as Santa Clara's share of stadium construction costs.  She writes that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell "insists new stadiums are vital to the NFL's continued growth -- 'Investing in new stadiums creates new revenue which the players benefit from,' he said."


Zusha Elison, The Bay Citizen, May 28, 2010

49er financing could get scary

Zusha Elison interviewed both Dr. Noll and Asst. City Manager Ron Garrett for an article focused on the risky nature of selling personal seat licenses and the risk to Santa Clara from the Stadium Authority bond debt:

"Alameda County Supervisor Gail Steele, who has dealt with the Raiders mess, had this assessment of Santa Clara's plans to use seat licenses for financing: 'They're crazy.'  "

"Regarding the selling of personal seat licenses by Santa Clara after the Oakland debacle with selling Raiders seat licenses:  'The first time someone gets conned you can say, 'well okay,' but the second time?' said Noll, who isn't working for either campaign. 'They're assuming a huge liability.' "

"The agreement does say that the 49ers will pay for construction cost overruns. But when it comes to paying off the bonds down the road, it's a different story. The 49ers wouldn't have to pay off the debt if the authority doesn't get the money it needs from the ticket tax and naming rights, Garratt said."

Please note that the Term Sheet Section 12.2 specifically states that the 49ers are not responsible for the Stadium Authority's bond debt backed by naming rights and ticket taxes.

Dr. Roger Noll, San Francisco Chronicle, May 15, 2010

Dr. Roger Noll of Stanford 'A few thoughts about Measure J'

San Francisco Chronicle, May 10, 2010

49ers stadium vote all about the bottom line

San Francisco Chronicle, May 3, 2010

Stadium opponents warn deal could be costly for Santa Clarans

Council Members Kennedy and McLeod, Santa Clara Weekly, May 5, 2010

Vote No on Measure J

Council Members Kennedy and McLeod , San Jose Mercury News, April 7, 2010

49ers Stadium is not a good deal for Santa Clara

San Jose Mercury News, April 2, 2010

49ers Campaign is David Vs. Goliath Affair

San Jose Mercury News, March 22, 2010

49ers pump more than $1 Million into pro-stadium campaign

San Jose Mercury News, March 9, 2010

Santa Clara city council considers 49ers stadium report

The New York Times, January 28, 2010

In Santa Clara, Uneven Fight Over a New Stadium for the 49ers

San Jose Mercury News, June 2, 2009

49ers stadium opponents: No public subsidy

Santa Clara City Council Meeting Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2008

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