SCPF 2016 Election Recommendations:

Santa Clara Unified School Board, Trustee Area #3

For this seat, we give Michele Ryan our strongest recommendation. She was one of the founders of Santa Clara Plays Fair nearly 10 years ago, and she has been fighting for community needs over special interests ever since.

In 2014, Jed York made $500 donations to two school board candidates, so it is vitally important that we have an independent voice on the school board who will put community needs first.


City Council Seat 3

 We can’t wholeheartedly support either candidate in this race. Both campaigned for Measure J, and John McLemore signed the ballot argument in favor of the stadium.

We note that Debi Davis more recently has been supporting community interests over special interests, such as the 49ers and some developers, so we lean to supporting Debi Davis for Seat 3.

 City Council Seat 4

For Seat #4, we support Tino Silva. While many in the soccer community supported Measure J because of promises that were made, Tino has clearly stated that he opposed it, and this year he stood up to the 49ers to protect the Youth Soccer Park, so he knows what it will take to protect community interests.

We also like Markus Bracamonte, who is a first-time candidate this year. We hope he will stay involved with the City by applying for a commission and running again in the future.


City Council Seat 6

 For this seat, Anthony Becker gets our recommendation because he supports reasonable growth and opposes overbuilding high-density housing.


 City Council Seat 7

 For this seat, we enthusiastically support Kevin Park. Kevin has a long-track record of supporting community needs over special interests, and our City would be lucky to have such an honest, ethical community advocate on our City Council.


 City Clerk

 For City Clerk, we give our recommendation to Deborah Bress. While some consider her style confrontational, it is her willingness to ask the tough questions that has enabled her to successfully uncover many examples of mismanagement over the last several years.   She has been tireless in digging into city issues, and she has been a strong voice in favor of greater transparency and accountability in city government.


Chief of Police

We have reviewed all of the issues for and against both candidates, and we were unable to reach a recommendation for either candidate.


 Measure O – Raises

 We urge a NO vote on raises for City Council and Mayor.


 Measure P – Term Limits

 We believe the City needs even more limited terms than this measure offers, but this measure is a good first step, so we recommend a YES vote on Measure P.


 Measure Q – Votes Needed to fill vacancies

 We recommend a YES vote on Measure Q because we think requiring more than a simple majority to select a candidate to fill a vacancy in an elected office is a good thing. It will help to ensure that an appointee has broad support.


Measure R – Public Vote to Change or Sell Open Space

 We recommend a Yes vote on Measure R, which will require voters to approve any sale, disposal, or change of use of any public park or open space. Given the threats in recent years to our Youth Soccer Park and Ulistac Natural Area, among other parks and open spaces, we believe this Measure will provide important protections to our public lands.


On Dec. 1, 2014, Judge Alan Sumner of the Superior Court

in Sacramento granted a writ of mandate which requires

the City of Santa Clara to comply with redevelopment law

and return RDA assets to the Successor Agency for

distribution to taxing entities. Assets include land, cash, and bonds.


The writ of mandate is a public document and is attached.


Writ of mandate: (mandamus) n. a court order to a government agency,

including another court, to follow the law by correcting its prior


actions or ceasing illegal acts.


The court was not persuaded by the City of Santa Clara's arguments that

the RDA didn't own the properties:



The document is from the Superior Court website in Sacramento:

RDA case    34-2013-80001396