Timeline: The Santa Clara Stadium Gameplan Exposed

How did we get to here:

  • 49ers sue to get Redevelopment Money that should go to our schols
  • Stadium Authority responsible for $950 Million in stadium construction loans
  • 49ers aren't putting in any of their own money up front for stadium construction (according to Goldman Sachs' stadium financing chart)

From here:

  • "92% of the stadium will be paid for by the 49ers/NFL" (Mayor Mahan on ABC April 6, 2010)
  • "Over 92% of this project is paid for by the NFL, the 49ers, and other stadium revenues." (Mahan/Matthews op/ed piece in the SC Weekly, May 5, 2010)
  • "There is nothing in the Term Sheet that requires the Stadium Authority to provide $330 million (or any other amount) for stadium construction..." (Attorney for 49er Stadium Campaign Yes on Measure J April 6, 2010)

Click on any blue date below to expose the Gameplan details:


  • Sweetheart lease for 49ers Training Facility in Santa Clara
  • 2000- 49ers Owner Eddie DeBartolo convicted of a felony
  • Eddie E. forced to transfer ownership to his sister, Denise DeBartolo York
  • New Owners - The Yorks - set their eyes on Santa Clara Stadium site


  • 49ers and their Contractors fund Pro-Stadium Council Candidates
  • Council begins Closed Session Backroom Negotiations for 49ers stadium
  • Council Starts Spending Taxpayer Money on Stadium


  • Term Sheet - $444 Million from Santa Clara and our Stadium Authority
  • False Pie Chart of Stadium Construction Costs; Hiding the Stadium Authority costs
  • SB43 Taking away Santa Clarans right to vote on an override to our city charter
  • 49ers fund astroturf "citizen's" group 'Santa Clarans for Economic Progress'

January/February 2010

  • "Citizens' initiative" and ballot question don't disclose costs
  • City Attorney 'Impartial Analysis' doesn't disclose costs
  • Jed York speaks before school board and shows the false pie chart of stadium construction costs
  • Deception of voters by saying the team/stadium will fund our schools

March 2010

  • Registrar of Voters assigns letter J to Stadium ballot measure
  • More Yes on J deception and manipulation of voters using the schools funding issue
  • Yes on J re-routes VoteNoOnJ website to confuse voters
  • City Carpetbombed with misleading Yes on J yard signs, commercials, campaign mailers
  • Council Members boast on Facebook about planting Yes on J yard signs

April 2010

  • Lawsuit attempts to force stadium costs on Ballot; City refuses
  • City Attorney argues that state does not require cost disclosure for city-wide ballot measures
  • Mayor Mahan says that 49ers will pay 92% of stadium costs
  • Police Chief shilling for the stadium (before retiring and going to work as a stadium consultant)

May/June 2010

  • Former and current Mayors reiterate that 49ers/NFL will pay for 92% of the stadium
  • Mayor Mahan makes false statement at debate; claims 49ers paid for infrastructure
  • Hoodwinking of Santa Clarans by the media continues
  • 49ers spend almost $5 million to win election ($350 per yes vote)

September 2010 - November 2011

  • SCPF discovers free police escorts given to 49ers for years
  • Campaign Contributions from 49ers/Consultants/trade unions to Candidates to keep pro-stadium Council
  • Santa Clara Council playing Games with Redevelopment Money

December 2011 to present

  • Council reveals Stadium Authority responsible for $850 Million in previously undisclosed loans
  • SCPF begins gathering signatures for referendum petitions
  • Union pays "blockers" to try to 'intercept' signers to 'derail' the referendum
  • Council Refuses to Certify the a legal referendum/Sues its own Citizens
  • Bizarre twist-49ers Stadium Company (StadCo) sues both SCPF and the City's Stadium Authority
  • Media ignore lawsuit despite referenda headed to court on March 5th

March 2012

  • Judge rules that $850 Million in loans is an 'administrative act' not a 'legislative act' and takes away Santa Clarans right to vote